Friday, 10 January 2014

Why I find Scott Thornbury's blog so inspiring

There are some very, very good ELT blogs out there on the Internet today! Several of the blogs my ICT & Multimedia class got introduced to this week are beautifully crafted, and have lots of valuable tips and/or links to share with their audiences.

Nevertheless, for me, Scott Thornbury's blog ("An A-Z of ELT" - remains a clear favourite.

I guess I feel this way for two reasons: firstly, Scott's standing in the ELT world means that he succeeds particularly well in attracting thoughtful commenters from around the world. Most of the time, he responds, and you get the impression that everyone, Scott included, is learning this way. Scott is unquestionably erudite, but he writes lucidly and it seems that all language teachers can benefit from reading his posts, regardless of their level of experience.

However, the ease with which past posts on topics of interest can be found - by virtue of alphabetical indexing - is also an important plus. It makes the whole blog a useful resource for educators, perhaps especially for those undertaking MA or DELTA studies.

Overall, then, I think Scott's blog embodies two important principles: thoughtful and accessible writing, and an encouragement of dialogue. This maybe matters most, and he is definitely a role model for me! Which blogs do you like best?


  1. Scott's blog is a catch :) Many times I use it as a reference book. Wanting to refresh your knowledge of this thing or another, very quickly you may find yourself reading all the comments. In this way it is much more than reference. And the style ... :)
    As for other fav blogs,

  2. Thanks for being the first to comment, Barbara! The dialogic dimension to Scott's blog is definitely what sets it apart for me, too. I'll check out your blog this weekend!