Saturday, 11 January 2014

Can students also make use of your edublog?

A lot of teaching blogs I've read lately are aimed at fellow teachers…and that's fine.

However, the following YouTube video ("Ten Ways To Use Your Edublog") really caught my eye for rather different reasons:

This sounds like it could work really well as part of a "flipped classroom" or blended learning approach towards class teaching. From a language teacher's perspective, key vocabulary or grammar points could certainly be explained this way!

In other words: you can place key instructional content on your blog, and thereby clear classroom time for working on the actual application of content you've already shared with students (in our case as language teachers, that probably means more time for communicative activities, writing and so forth).

Or, you could get students themselves to contribute content…it could be really quite motivating for students to see their contributions valued in this way!

Of course, the blog and any videos placed there are a permanent record…students can go back to them any time they please. And there's plenty of SLA research evidence to suggest that spaced repetition of learning activities (here: reading, or viewing videos) assists language acquisition: it's just that this time the manner and timing of learning is more personalized and self-directed.

So what do you think? Do you think you'd be willing to give an approach like this a try? How do you think your students would react if you did?

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